Services we offer

We are a "Patient centric" dental practice and our services include elimination of local infections, metals, safe amalgam removal, time and care given for restoring teeth and gentle quality hygiene care without fluoride. With testing we can use biocompatible materials to ensure minimal reactivity with the immune system.



Preventive care and education are the keys to optimal dental health. Our focus for your oral hygiene is not only your teeth and the tissue around the teeth, but also checking and identifying any possibility of bacteria in the mouth addressed in a way that's wholesome for your entire body. In addition to that, our office takes pride in doing Oral Cancer Screening as part of the exam once every year.



We DO NOT use amalgam, nickel, or other metals to fill cavities. Instead, we will use composite resin, chairside, lab fabricated (inlay / onlay) or zirconia which are healthier materials.



When considering extraction of dead, infected or diseased tooth or teeth, we pay attention to thoroughly cleaning the jawbone in order to avoid leaving infection behind. Left over infection can cause  jawbone disease. Jawbone disease is fairly common but is often overlooked and is rarely diagnosed because, most often, there is no pain. Jawbone disease may cause facial pain, or contribute to a weakened immune system or same neurological and auto immune diseases. We may use PRF(Platelet Rich Fibrin) to help in acceleration of the healing process. The cost of PRF will be discussed at the consultation appointment.


Crowns and bridges

To eliminate exposure to aluminum present in all porcelain crown and bridge material our material of choice consists of lab fabricated and glass fiber reinforced composite material or monolithic Zirconia.



Unlike in the past we can fabricate comfortable and esthetically pleasing conservative teeth replacements. These appliances are flexible and non-metal. Modern thermoplastic injection resins for full and partial dentures are safe and come in clear (colorant free) or natural pink shades.



Often white spots along gingival margin (early caries) may become sensitive when left untreated or when diet is low in certain minerals and fat-soluble vitamins (Vit E, D, K2).Desensitization and remineralization are best treatment of choice. Nutritional adjustment and remineralization toothpaste to enhance the concentration of calcium and phosphate in the saliva would be recommended. Novamin toothpaste helps to attract those minerals to the tooth surface.



Intention is to use joint protective device during sleep to allow healing of intra-capsular joint in patients with symptoms of TMJD.


Orthodontic appliance

Used in early orthodontic/orthopedic treatment's are functional retainers that accomplish orthodontic, orthopedic and myofunctional therapy. Because of how they function they are 'face makers'. They are best used during active growth spurt. (Bionator, Sagittal etc)


Ozone Treatments

Ozone is a powerful stimulant of cellular growth. Oxygen is the most critical nutrient for energy production and healing. Without it cells simply cannot repair. Injecting ozone in and around a damaged site stimulates cell regeneration, a buildup of antioxidants enzymes and reduction in inflammation. Ozone reacts almost instantly with the membranes of the cells it contacts.

Immune cells are particularly responsive to ozone. They produce a cascade of powerful healing chemicals called cytokines. When delivered directly to a painful area, the combination of oxygen/ozone provides the stimulation to repair whole cells simultaneously providing the essential oxygen to energize and stimulate them to excrete waste material. This promotes their ability to repair themselves and the tissues around them.


Low Level Laser Therapy

Low level laser is a form of healing light that replenishes lost cellular energy in the body due to injury, illness and aging. The bio stimulating light waves emitted by low level lasers increase blood circulation to injured areas, reduce the incidence of infection and infectious organisms, reduce inflammation, relieve pain, stimulate cellular activity and growth in both soft tissue cells such as those of the skin, and hard tissue cells, such as bone cells.


Safe Amalgam Removal

Safe Amalgam Removal to Reduce Mercury Vapor Exposure (IAOMT Approved). Ideally, to replace amalgam fillings appropriate biocompatible restorative materials are selected ahead of time via serum test (BioComp Lab), skin galvanic response test (electro-dermal screening) or muscle testing in the office. Attention is paid to the galvanic charge of each metal restoration, which are measured with a Rita Meter, prior to their removal. This allows for elimination of highest negatively charged fillings first (‘sequential removal’) which supports the PNS (parasympathetic nervous system ) and induces repair.

Another part of our protocol is staying within the same side of the mouth on a given visit and within a 2hr time frame (it does not apply when one uses sedation). Appointments are scheduled within 7-14-21 day cycle to reduce immune challenges. Completing revision within 1 month is ideal (as per Dr. Huggins protocol).



Getting implants to restore missing teeth is a great option to have a more permanent solution. They function just like natural teeth, however, not everyone can be a candidate. Do not hesitate to book for a consultation to discuss your needs. We use PRF to promote healing and osseointegration during placing an implant.